About SaltX LABS


What is SaltX HACK?

At SaltX HACK students and entrepreneurs will meet and work together to form new innovative solutions that will be the starting point for future businesses. The hackathon consists of three challenges. For each challenge a jury will appoint one winner. The winning teams will win support and seating for their continued work with their solution.


Who we are

SaltX Technology is a Swedish innovation company that has developed and patented a ground-breaking technology with which energy can be stored in salt, and subsequently recovered in the form of heat or cold.


Our vision

SaltX Technology’s vision is that SaltX components and/or materials will be the “Intel inside” in sustainable heating and cooling products.


Why SaltX Labs

To realize our vision, we are creating an open innovation platform through SaltX Labs where everyone can get the benefit of building and developing great solutions based on the SaltX core technology. This is a win-win situation and will accelerate achieving a greater positive impact on the environment and on the society.


Our Mission

SaltX Technology addresses the global climate threat, and when fully implemented SaltX could reduce global carbon dioxide emissions significantly. SaltX Technology’s mission is to make heating and cooling for buildings and vehicles sustainable by means of its SaltX solution.


SaltX Lab’s primary audience

At this stage, our audience includes (but not limited to):

  • Product developers– people who want to take their heating, cooling, energy storage products to the next level
  • Entrepreneurs– persons who might want to sell already developed solutions or easily integrated solutions
  • Research Institutes/Professors
  • Businesses in developing nations (pharmaceuticals, vaccine storage, agricultural/industrial applications etc.)


What we offer

We are providing the core technology, helping you to understand its endless possibilities. So basically, our offering includes:


o  Material: Salt + matrix = SaltX™

The SaltX material with a tailor-made “recipe” for a given application. This allows the Component Manufacturer to “fill” the Component with the appropriate material for maximum performance.

Includes a non-exclusive right for the Component Manufacturer to use it for manufacturing a Component with SaltX™ technology.


o   “Software”: Licenses + market rights

Exclusive license and right to the Component Manufacturer and/or the OEM Customer to exploit (manufacturing, sales and distribution) SaltX™ IP in a certain geographical market or application (“field of use”).


o   Services: Technical support

Technical support to the OEM Customer for customizing the SaltX™ concept for a specific product or application, as well as for integrating it into their system/product. System IP is then retained by the OEM Customer.

Includes technical support and transfer of know-how to the Component Manufacturer


What we don’t offer

SaltX Technology is an innovative technology developer. Our focus is primarily on the developing of our material and ensuring fits our customers’ needs. Therefore, we carry out only small-scale testing and prototyping with no manufacturing capacity.

It is important to understand and adhere to our offerings mentioned above. However, we do have extensive knowledge and collaborations within manufacturing and would gladly connect you with the relevant partners / suppliers as desired.


Terms & Conditions

Read our terms and conditions here


Corporate HQ

Address Västertorpsvägen 135 SE – 129 44 Hägersten

Phone Phone: +46 8 794 03 70

E-Mail info@saltxtechnology.com

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