About SaltX Labs

SaltX Labs is the joint development, knowledge sharing, and open innovation platform.

SaltX has years of experience in chemical engineering, heat exchanger design, nano-coating, and similar technologies. We provide innovation workshops, engineering studies and salts that operate from -30 to 550 degrees Celsius. At SaltX Labs, corporations and entrepreneurs participate in innovation workshops, initiate development projects based on SaltX core technology, order technical validation or technical support studies, and buy SaltX equipment or salts.

Do you have an idea you want to turn into a profitable circular solution?

We organize SaltX Hackathons, private Innovation Workshops,and other events for idea development, market adoption, manufacturing, and more.

SaltX Labs events

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SaltX Future
Energy Hack

Date held:

August 31 — September 2, 2018

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Hack #1

Date held:

February 6—8, 2018

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