Case of the Week: Week 15 – Stirling engines and SaltX  


Recently we had a discussion on our forum about Stirling engines and SaltX. One of our members on the forum is interested in assessing this area and wants your help. If you think this sounds interesting, contact him at

The Stirling engine is a fascinating engine. It is driven by an external heat source, thus it can run on all kinds of fuel. Furthermore the engine works in a closed-cycle which allows it to reach very high efficiencies compared to most other engines. Another advantage is that it works very quietly, especially compared to todays internal combustion engines.

The connection to SaltX is that the external heat source potentially could be heat stored in our salt. Thus no other fuel than heat stored in our salt would need to be used to fuel the Stirling engine. An idea that came up in our forum is that this could be used for ships or small submarines.

What are your thoughts? Do you have ideas about other applications? Discuss at our forum SaltX LABS. Or do you want to help Anders doing further assessment/research about this? Then contact Anders at

How a Stirling engine works:

More about Stirling engines:

Posted : 15/04/2018 1:23 pm

Stirling engines is a very interesting area of application which basically requires a temperature difference. SaltX technologies could be used not only to heat the engine but also cool the engine. For example, if the environment is really hot, cold side of the battery could provide a good temperature difference. Having this in mind, we can create Stirling engine applications in cold weather and hot weather.

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