Case of the Week: Week 18 - Electric vehicle battery heating  


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This week we investigate electric vehicle battery charging and discharging. Similarly to your smart phone – electric vehicles have significantly less charge when they are in cold climate. In addition to that, charging lithium ion batteries at sub-zero temperatures damages them permanently. That is the reason why electric cars have battery heaters. However, a fully electric car battery weighs 500kg or more and takes a lot of time and energy to heat. Electric vehicle manufacturers are ready to pay a lot of money to get better solutions to this problem.
SaltX provides a new way for heat storage. The SaltX battery does not lose heat no matter what the temperature is outside. Therefore it’s a perfect technology candidate to heat up electric vehicle batteries fast and efficiently. SaltX can replace battery heaters and could even provide more effective interior heating while saving lithium ion battery charge to get to the destination. Do you have concrete solutions in mind for electric vehicle batteries? Are you keen to test SaltX in electric vehicles?
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More information about Lithium ion battery charging and discharging:
A couple of videos about Tesla car testing in extreme cold conditions:

Posted : 06/05/2018 11:00 pm