Case of the Week: Week 19 - Home Heating Innovations  


This week we investigate home heating improvements and how money can be saved while improving the comfort of living as well. Hot water installations in homes differ around the world. One thing all of them have in common is that heat is lost through the pipes and it takes time for hot water to arrive at the tap. Countries like Sweden have strict requirements about time it takes for hot water to arrive while in other countries many liters of clean water are wasted waiting for hot water to come.

Solutions that currently exist are installing water pumps to circulate the water in the system. However, SaltX technology could be used to solve this problem in different ways. Heaboo ( found a way to use heat exchangers to heat up the water before it comes out of the tap. Do you have any ideas how to use SaltX to have hot water from the tap instantly?
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More information about Heaboo:
Here’s a video explaining how water pumps for hot water work:

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Posted : 13/05/2018 5:23 am