Case of the Week: Week 20 - District Heating Innovations  


Are you interested in the latest innovation in city and apartment heating? Do you have ideas of how to turn wasted heat into recycled heat? This week’s case is about circular economy and generating heat from previously untapped resources to build and enhance district heating systems.

District heating is similar to an electric grid – it enables the participants to exchange their resources. Combined with heat storage, district heating can be a whole new marketplace to trade heat between the participants. In addition to that, new generation of district heating, called Low-Temperature District Heating is now technologically possible. In earlier times, heat was supplied at 110C in a form of steam. To reach such temperatures, heating plants had to burn fuels and heat transportation required extremely well isolated steel pipes. Low-Temperature District Heating provides water at about 35-55C. The temperature is later increased by using a heat pump. Lower temperatures mean that the source of the heat can be any waste heat from chimneys, gray water pipes, etc. Lower temperature also means that the pipes can be replaced by cheaper plastic pipes that do not need welding and do not corrode.

SaltX Technology for heat storage is a necessary element for a viable marketplace. Households or companies that produce excess heat can store it in SaltX batteries and sell it later when there is a huge demand. In this way SaltX Technology will make a lot of money for the owner of the installation. Do you have ideas about SaltX storage applications in district heating markets? Would you like to monetize this market and help people store and exchange heat?

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Here are a few videos explaining how district heating works:
An explanation of a District Heating system
Low-Temperature District Heating

Here you can read about E.ON and it’s efforts to make smart grids for balancing energy:

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Posted : 27/05/2018 2:07 pm