Case of the Week: Week 25 - Heating tents while camping  


Are you an entrepreneur looking to develop innovations for outdoor activities? Perhaps you are an avid camper looking for new solutions? Maybe you are an intrapreneur looking to present new ideas in your company? The case of the week at SaltX Labs is about heating tents while camping.
In US alone there were 42 million hikers. Everyone who enjoys beautiful sights of nature knows the limitations of weather. Camping season ends pretty early in colder climates. Those who don’t dare to suffer cold nights have two options – either pack the tents until the next summer or buy a tent heater. There are a few kinds of heaters. Electrical heaters need batteries or an existing outlet. On top of that they are very heavy to carry. Gas heaters are very dangerous unsupervised and can lead to tent catching fire or suffocation from gasses. Water bottles with hot water will get cold after an hour or two. So what can we do about it?
SaltX Technology is a good solution. Many campers enjoy tasty BBQ or just a warming campfire during the day. It’s a perfect time to charge a SaltX battery. A battery can be put into the fire or attached to a grill. It charges fully in an hour or two – way less than the time a campfire is hot. The battery valve then can be closed to maintain the heat until the night. When needed, the battery valve is opened and the heat is released into the tent or directly into the sleeping bag. If you choose a proper salt – the heating can be from mild 30-40C heating your feet to scorching several hundred degrees connected to a fan to heat the air in the tent. Are you convinced about the technology? Would you like to learn more about SaltX salts? Would you like to start developing this product?
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Here are a few videos about tent heating options available now
Propane heating for outdoors
Portable ceramic heater

Learn more about tent heating at this website

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Posted : 01/07/2018 11:55 am