Case of the Week: Week 41 - Heating & Cooling in outer space  


Are you an interested in space exploration? Are you working with ESA, NASA, or any related companies? This case of the week is about using SaltX salts for heat storage in satellites!
Space exploration has been a subject since the dawn of human kind. In the 20th century people started visiting space and that trend is increasing! Since the year 2000 amount of space launches nearly doubled from under 60 to 100. This trend is not slowing down! With world’s richest people investing heavily into manned private space flight are creating a whole new momentum in the industry. All these future space tourists, scientists, and resource explorers will need liveable conditions in space - where it’s really cold at night and scorching hot during the day.
SaltX Technology provides a superb solution! The salts can be charged during the daytime when sun heat is abundant and release the hear at night time, when it gets really cold. SaltX salts are unparalleled in terms of energy density! At 400 kWh of heat per cubic meter they compare to the most sophisticated lithium ion batteries. The technology is much simpler - not only does it cost less than lithium ion batteries, there are significantly smaller chances for something to go wrong. Overall, it’s a great solution for rockets, space stations, or even colonies on other planets.
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Here are a few videos about space exploration:
Fault in ISS air conditioning system:
Research about recapturing the heat in space:
ISS thermal needs Q&A:
More about ISS heating and cooling on Wikipedia:

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Posted : 08/10/2018 10:46 am