Week 9 - Reducing deaths related to residential biomass burning  


Case of the Week: Week 9 – Reducing deaths related to residential biomass burning

In a new study it was revealed that residential biomass burning is the deadliest source of air pollution in India. Out of the 1.1 million deaths related to air pollution in 2015, residential biomass burning was responsible for at least 260 000 deaths, or nearly 25%.

How can we help solve this problem? SunFoodX who is one of the winners of SaltX HACK have an idea. They want to reduce the burning of biomass by using a portable stove loaded with energy from the sun, stored in salt.

The stove requires no connection to the main grid or use of biomass. It places the bowl-shaped solar collector in the sun during the day and stores the energy in the salt, then you can cook the food at any time of the day.

What are your thoughts about this idea? Could it be a game changer? Or do you have another idea that could help reduce the air pollution from biomass burning using SaltX technology?

Article about the study:


Posted : 02/03/2018 7:47 am