Saltx for Ship transportation  

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You think it's possible to use charged saltx as fuel transporting ships using a heat engine like a steam or stirling engine? Maybe a workaround converting heat to electric using a ORC/Climeon (heat to electric) and use an electric motor?

Posted : 06/02/2018 1:48 am
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Hello Tobias,

I had a similar idea about Stirling engines but it does not have to be just ships. Why not little robots etc?


Posted : 06/02/2018 4:52 am Anders liked

im thinking the same

haven't read though this yet but i will. 

please contact me i you want to help me asses this. my team won the saltx tesla hackaton challange.

Posted : 19/02/2018 1:44 am

here is text comparing the the stirling engine with the erikson engine


Posted : 19/02/2018 1:34 pm