Swapping the energy between batteries  

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Is it possible to get more cold out of the same amount of energy if you swap the heat between saltx batteries? I imagine 10 batteries, 5 charged and 5 uncharged (see picture if it works with the attachment). You charging the uncharged batteries with the charged batteries and reverse the process as much as possible. The cold produced under the discharge/charge process is used to cooldown your building for instance. Would you this way get more "cold" from the same amount of energy charged? Could this result in a cheaper investment if you only want "cold"? for eg. when your need for heat aint that much and dont want to spend money on many solar collectors? Spending money on one solar collector, let it charge the batteries under a week or two then you have plenty of cold energy?


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Posted : 29/06/2018 10:37 am

Hi @tobias! Great questions! What you describe is possible but it's not the most efficient way to generate cooling out of the battery. Theoretically, you could have one battery that you connect to the hot water source and when it's charged discharge its heat into the other battery and absorb the cooling, then you could take the excess heat and charge the second battery. The second battery then could help cool down the first one while charging.
We have a product under development at SaltX which is called Enerstore LT (LowTemp) which basically generates cooling from the heat. It works with a patented technology from Alfa Laval. It's based on a concept of water distillation which means that at one cycle the water is evaporated which absorbs the heat and at another cycle the water evaporates because it's drawn by the salt where it consumes the energy - or produces cooling. I think a better idea is to work on small scale cooling or finding other ways to cool than using two batteries. In this case, it's good to look at solutions/processes where SaltX can be integrated such as water distillation.

Posted : 04/07/2018 9:16 am

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