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SaltX Future Energy Hack

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Aug 31 - Sep 2



A new hack is coming! Save the Date!

SaltX Future Energy Hack is SaltX Labs way of accelerating the pace of creating startups within in the future energy sector. The first ever SaltX Future Energy Hack, held in February 2018, gathered engineers, creatives and entrepreneurs with the purpose of generating ideas for new businesses. The results were beyond every expectation and right now, the three winning teams are launching their businesses.


Do you want to generate a groundbreaking positive impact?
This is your opportunity to work with SaltX and other energy storage companies to make a dent in the universe!

August 31 to September 2



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SaltX Hack

SaltX Hack was a huge success with teams of entrepreneurs continuously working to build their businesses that use the SaltX Technology for the betterment of the world. Check out the video and join SaltX Future Energy Hack!


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