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SaltX Future Energy Hack

Hack for 24 hours during Aug 31 - Sep 2


Applications Ended

Join the Impact Speaker and Pitch Day


Norrsken House, Stockholm


SaltX Future Energy Hack is coming! Apply before August 27!

SaltX Future Energy Hack is a signature event of SaltX Labs Accelerator. Join the SaltX Future Energy Hack and be the next unicorn in energy storage industry! With the teams from the previous hack on a steady way to success we challenge you to be the next winning team. Create sustainable solutions for the betterment of humanity, and enjoy numerous prizes!


Impact Speaker & Pitch Day

September 2, 11.00 at Norrsken House

On September 2 you will have the unique opportunity to present your solution to a panel of judges and high impact individuals at the audience. The Impact Speaker and Pitch Session will have guests from WWF, Norrsken Foundation, AxFoundation and more! You can meet your investors and mentors there!


Impact Day Program

11.00 Eric Jacobson - SaltX
11.05 Liudas Mikal - SaltX
11.10 Jury Intro
11.30 Simon Ahlin - SaltX Enerstore
11.50 Carlos Barrios - Inventures Tech
12.05 Claes Lundin - Above Agency
12.25 Alexander C. Hedvall - Handelsbanken
12.40 Pause
13.00 Pitch session
14.15 Pause
14.40 Carolina Sachs - AxFoundation
15.00 Agate Freimane - Norrsken Foundation
15.20 Giulia Pratico - +impact
15.40 RISE
15.55 Göran Bolin - SaltX Founder
16.00 Hack Award



SaltX Future Energy Hack will start on Friday, August 31 and go for 24 hours. During that time you will develop solutions using any type of energy storage method - SaltX salts, Northvolt's lithium batteries, water heat storage... you name it and we will help you ideate and give you engineering support!



You thought that just because you're abroad it's an obstacle? Not with us! Gather a team and apply! We will coach you during the hack and award special online team prizes! Hit "Apply" and let us know about your cool idea!


But that's not all! Check out the awards we are prepared to hand out if you have what it takes to win the hack!

August 31 to September 2
Make a dent in the universe!


If you have what it takes to win!

  • You will be taken into the brand new SaltX Labs Global Accelerator Program to launch your business!
  • Your whole team will have access to Norrsken House for 2 months
  • You will join a VIP Dinner with the STHLM Tech Fest organizers and speakers
  • You will win free tickets to the STHLM Tech Fest
  • Your idea will be evaluated by professionals at Bergenstråhle & Parners in their "Innovation Asset Analysis" worth 50 000 SEK
  • You whole team will have a spot in the SSES Fellowship Pre-incubator: Includes three months of support, with an open office area in Stockholm, a personal coach, and resources
  • Your company will have exclusive support from Handelsbanken
  • You will receive a Premium SaltX Labs Membership and a SaltX Demo Tube
  • You will have access to Things Accelerator and mentorship
  • Your company will have exclusive discounts at Above Agency


If that is not enough - let us know what you need to succeed in your business!


August 31 to September 2


August 31

18.00 Door opens
18.30 Opening ceremony
19.00 Info session about technology and challenge
20.00 Team formation
21.00 Hack Begins (24 hour countdown)

September 1

14.00 Technical coaching sessions
17.00 Business coaching sessions
21.00 Hack Ends
21.30 Music and drinks

September 2

9.00 Good morning
9.15 Pitch Training
11.00 Impact speaker and pitch session opening
11.10 Speakers
13.00 Pitches
14.00 Speakers
16.00 Hack Awards
16.30 Closing ceremony
17.00 Doors close

SaltX Hack

SaltX Hack was a huge success with teams of entrepreneurs continuously working to build their businesses that use the SaltX Technology for the betterment of the world. Check out the video and join SaltX Future Energy Hack!

The Jury


The Tech - SaltX Technology

Göran Bolin - founder, CTO, and visionary of SaltX Technology

The Local Bank - Handelsbanken

Alexander C. Hedvall - Group Sustainability Department at Handelsbanken

The Money - Wellstreet

Sïmon Saneback - Founding Partner & Board Member at Wellstreet

The Sustainables - WWF

Mats Landén - Head of Corporate Partnerships at WWF

The Design - Above Agency

Claes Lundin - CEO of Above Agency

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In Collaboration With

The Venue

Norrsken House

Birger Jarlsgatan 57 c, 113 56 Stockholm


Norrsken House in central Stockholm is a 2400m2 creative cluster for more than 300 entrepreneurs, solving society's biggest challenges.