Past Hackathons

SaltX HACK 6-8 February 2018

More than fifty people, divided into eleven teams, were handpicked to attend a hackathon at Norrsken House – the largest hub in Europe for social entrepreneurs. During three intense evenings the teams formed new innovative solutions that will be the starting point for future business. The winning teams received, apart from financial support and office space, support from SaltX and its partners to develop their solution, write a business plan and apply for patents.



Pimp my (electric) ride

Improve the range and comfort of electric cars in colder climates. Utilize SaltX thermal energy storage technology, modify a Tesla Model S and demonstrate (on paper) how you can improve the car’s performance. The winning team will be the ones that come up with the best business case combined with the greatest technical solution.

The winning team won access to a Tesla for 2 months

Winter is coming

How can we use SaltX Technology to provide a decentralised solution, either in Vattenfall’s energy network at decentralized locations or at Vattenfall’s customers, that balances supply and demand in an efficient manner?

The off-grid turn-on

Change the everyday life for people in development countries, and come up with a cost effective off-grid solution using renewable energy.

You should make a customer-oriented business case. Think globally and create a simple and robust solution. The biggest challenge with this is to create an innovative concept that is it affordable for the billions of people living in these areas.


Tesla Heat Management

Explanation: Using SaltX heat and cold storage, you can optimize Tesla’s lithium-ion battery, thus improving the range of electric cars by 30%.

Participants: Anders Skoog, Amol Yevalkar, Emma Bergman, Lars Andreas Myrvoll and Khan Md Sazzad

SaltX Sauna

Explanation: SaltX Sauna is a sauna that charges the sauna with energy when it’s the cheapest, and then use the stored energy during weekend when electricity prices are the most expensive, and people use their sauna. According to the team, 8 percent of Finland’s electricity consumption goes into heating up saunas.

The participants: Alessandro Ferraris, Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi and Dina Khastieva.


A portable stove loaded with the sun reduces the need to cook with biomass. It requires no connection to the mains grid. It places the bowl-shaped solar collector in the sun during the day and stores the energy in the salt, then you can cook the food at any time of the day. Just as a washing machine releases time in a family, this invention helps the everyday life when they do not need to gather biomass during daytime.

Participants: Birger Eneroth, Håkan Josefsson, Aiman Josefsson and Sami Josefsson.



The jury who appointed the winners was represented by actors from the various important parts of starting a company in the energy sector, ranging from experienced entrepreneurs to energy experts.

The jury consisted of the following persons:

Jeremiah Andersson, Academic Work / Co-founder

Tuva Palm, Nordnet, Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer

Amira El Bidawi, Vattenfall Innovation Business developer

Göran Bolin, SaltX Technology Founder & CTO

Karin Byman, The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), Expert & Senior Project Manager Energy

Markus Hökfelt, Almi Invest GreenTech Fund Manager


Find more pictures of the event here