When you have a well-thought-out business idea or a product this is the stage for you. Here you get access to the whole SaltX team. We support you in your journey to develop your own company.

Business membership summary:

  • Opportunity to buy salt from SaltX
  • Access to SaltX┬ámanagement team and executives
  • SaltX know-how support and technical support
  • Business coaching to┬ácommercialize and capitalize your innovation

Being a business member enables you to commercialize your idea. You will have access to SaltX know-how support and technical support which will be important for you when developing your product. Being a business member also gives you the opportunity to buy SaltX Material, thus you can finally start developing and testing your product. To help you taking the final step towards commercialization you will also have access to business coaching and access to our SaltX LABS partners.

In addition to technical and business support you will create a long term relation with us at SaltX. This allows you to have a quick path to decision with access to SaltX management and executives.

All in all, we will coach you through product development and commercialization so you can effectively launch your own business.

To join the Business Membership you will have to agree to Terms and Conditions.