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SaltX Labs, a brand of SaltX Technology AB is leading the transition from heat and steam production based on dirty fossil fuels to circular heating and cooling based on wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources. Steam engines brought power and mobility to humanity, but at a very high cost to the environment. SaltX Technology is the next big thing after the steam engine, with no compromise. At SaltX Labs we collaborate with you to develop profitable solutions for energy storage, production, and optimization.

Thermal Solar Collector
Offgrid installations

Göteborg Energi
Industrial absorption chiller
Cooling from heat

Rheem, Oakridge, Fraunhofer
Heat pump for domestic water heaters
Domestic appliances/heat pumps

Truck AC unit powered by exhaust gasses

SaltX & Vattenfall
Energy Storage By SaltX
Industry Scale Heat Storage

Undisclosed partners
Non-corrosive quick drying salt

SaltX Partnership

Become a SaltX Partner and use the circular thermal energy storage technology in your business. The process begins with an innovation workshop.


  • Idea evaluation
  • Technology evaluation and consultation
  • Best price for engineering studies and tech support
  • Access to purchase SaltX Nano coated salts
  • Workshop with the engineering team
  • Priority tech support

SaltX Demo Tube

SaltX Lab Forum

Join SaltX Labs forum to discover the variety of salts developed at SaltX and learn all about other technologies that are related to energy storage in salts.

We are always updating the knowledge resources, so check back often.

Market applications

SaltX Technology is versatile and is used in many applications and products. Our part in it all is the nano coated salt and engineering solutions for its use.

You come up with ideas – we make them come true.

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Innovation Workshops

SaltX Partnership begins with an innovation workshop. Every workshop is preceded by an idea validation and technical validation call.

During the workshop — together with our partners, such as Above — we will develop your next product visuals, technical parameters, 
and more.

After the workshop we will mutually decide if we will continue developing the products conceived in the workshop. In the positive case, we will invite you to become a SaltX Partner. As a partner you will receive priority tech support, discounted prices for our engineering and tech support services, and unlock the possibility to purchase nano-coated salts.

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Join the upcoming SaltX Labs events. We are setting up hackathons, innovation competitions, pitch events, panel discussions, and more.

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