SaltX technology is used in a number of applications and development projects. Our nano-coated salts are versatile and can be used in solutions that range from off-grid energy storage to satellite heating and cooling. All of these applications are developed with an ambition to make a positive impact on the environment.

Off-grid and solar

Available products and starter kits:

  • Glass/metal tube, vacuum pump, SunCool Collector

The SunCool starter kit is the most standardized thermal energy storage kit. The tube dimensions, materials, or salts can be adjusted for your needs.

Solar panels

SaltX technologies are used in solar collectors such as SunCool. Powered by the sun, SaltX nano-coated salts store heat energy, and release it in the form of heat and cooling when needed.

One of the early adopters is Löfbergs coffee roasting facility in Karlstad. The coffee maker can boast of having the world’s largest SunCool installation, covering 180 m2 of their roof. Each square meter saves up to 100 EUR per year.

Manufacturers who include the SaltX SunCool Development Kits in their systems aim to offer their customers tremendous yearly savings and an easy transition to a circular economy.


Off-grid in all aspects

SaltX salts can be used for a broad range of off-grid applications. Camping gear such as tent heaters, stoves, mobile home heaters and coolers, are great application areas. The same technology can be tailored to replace the wood cooking stoves or providing emergency heating or cooling in distaster areas. If you think about it — SaltX Technology can even be used in spaceships and satellites.


Cooling from heat

Available products and starter kits:

  • Cooling by SaltX demo testing module

Cooling by SaltX demo module is one of the first iterations of the product. Only available for early adopters and testers.

Cooling by SaltX

Using the latest advances in liquid matrix technology and specially designed salts – SaltX offers the solution to turn waste heat into a constant stream of cooling.

The thermochemical heat pump effect can deliver up to 70% efficiency in cooling. It is geared to be the renewable and affordable solution to cooling homes, offices, data centers, and more. In addition, this technology can be used in situations where it’s difficult to lay new pipes for cooling.

We invite you to test and develop varying scale solutions using this technology or integrate it into your projects.

Domestic Appliances

Heat pump for water heaters

SaltX Technology offers a thermochemical heatpump solution for water heaters and other appliances. An ongoing project with Oakridge National Labs, Fraunhofer Institute, Rheem, and several other partners aims to deliver A+++ class water heater with 125% efficiency or higher. It’s a radical increase from 60-70% efficient low-end heaters that are becoming outlawed in many countries.

SaltX Technology can also be used for more efficient space heating systems with an energy storage component.

New Generation of
Household Appliances

SaltX offers a stellar solution for household devices to recapture energy that would otherwise be wasted. Waste heat from dishwashers, ovens, dryers, and other appliances could be saved and reused in later cycles. This solution cuts the electricity waste and helps transition millions of households into the circular future.

Transport & Automotive

Air conditioning for automotive

SaltX Technology partner MCC is designing the first air conditioning system that operates when the heavy duty vehicles and trucks are parked. This solution uses liquid matrix technology to store waste heat from the engine. The SaltX based absorption chiller delivers cooling when the engine is not running.

Going green leads to serious savings. 4000 liters (1000 gallons) of fuel can be saved per truck per year using this technology. Reduction of CO2 emissions will cut the road taxes on top of fuel savings, not mentioning the improved engine lifetime.

Electric vehicle battery heating

Many electric vehicle users in the Nordics experience reduced range in winter due to the lost charge in a cold battery. SaltX nano-coated salts can be used to store heat and use it to warm up the Lithium ion battery when it’s too cold to operate.

Electric buses and trucks

Heating and cooling electric buses or truck trailers is a huge problem. Highly efficient electric engines produce no waste heat to warm up the interior. SaltX offers a much cheaper alternative to bus and truck heating and cooling.

If trucks and buses are not your topic – think about marine equipment or applications in planes!

Utility Scale Energy Storage

Energy Storage Powered
by SaltX

SaltX Energy Storage is a thermochemical solution that enables energy providers, industrial, and commercial customers to balance the grid by peak shifting. SaltX Technology offers a modular and scalable solution for excess electricity storage and release as steam.

Energy Storage equipment can be made to store waste heat energy from the industry, Concentrated Solar Power plant (CSP), or other sources of heat. The equipment can be linked to a steam turbine to produce electricity and heat in a Combined Heat & Power plants (CHP). Alternatively, the released steam can be used for district heating or industrial purposes.
Monetize your waste and move into the renewable century!

Available products and starter kits:

  • Energy Storage by SaltX demo testing module, World Tour Expo module, Operations training

Energy Storage World Tour module is being displayed in locations all around the globe. Become a display partner or order a finished module.


Available products and starter kits:

  • SaltX Demo Tube
  • SaltX Salts (partners only)

SaltX Demo Tube is the simplest way to display how the SaltX technology works. If you want to order SaltX nano-coated salts — become a partner!

A variety of applications

SaltX Technology is used for a variety of other applications, ranging from small devices in cosmetics and off-grid equipment to large scale solutions that require non-corrosive salts. Besides having a large surface that stores thermal energy very efficiently, SaltX salts are evironmentally friendly, do not cause corrosion, and dry really fast.


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