Demo Tube

Now you have the opportunity to test our revolutionary technology in your lab or show it to your clients

450€ incl. all charges & shipping

The Demo Tube is the most user friendly starter kit made for education, ideation, experimentation, and more. You can try out in real life how your industrial processes can be improved by using SaltX nano coated salts. You can use the Demo Tube you to show your partners and customers the profitable green innovation they can adopt.


By twisting the tube you open the valve that separates the reactor and condenser. This initiates the thermochemical reaction. It delivers over 50C heat on the reactor side and about 5C cooling on the cold side. The reaction delivers about 12Wh. After that you can recharge your Demo Tube and use it again!


To charge the Demo Tube – use an included electric heater. You are, of course, welcome to experiment and develop new, innovative, and safe nano-coated salt charging methods. Our charging method is the most convenient.

Open the valve and put the reactor side (red) in the heating pouch where the temperature reaches approximately 100°C. When charging, the liquid that reacted with the salt to produce heat boils and leaves the salt. That is how the thermal energy becomes locked in the dry salt. The vapour of the liquid condenses in the condenser (blue) continuously as the Demo Tube is being charged. Close the valve at the end of charging process to store the thermochemical energy for as long as you want.

Download the Demo Tube prospectus and user manual

450€ incl. all charges & shipping