SaltX Partnership

Become a SaltX partner

SaltX Partnership offers many advantages. For a yearly administration fee of 1000 EUR you will receive priority case support, up to 25% discounts on engineering studies, and above all – unlock the possibility to purchase nano-coated salt.

SaltX Partnership starts off with an innovation workshop. Before it begins we schedule an idea validation call, and then a technical validation call. After the workshop we will mutually decide if your idea is technically and economically feasible to proceed with.

After you become a SaltX Partner, we will start collaboration projects or engineering studies for your product development. Alternatively, you can simply buy our salts and perform the development in your own facilities.


Idea & technical validation

Case support

Nano-coated salt

Innovation workshops

We are offering two types of workshops to begin the partnership process. Each workshop is preceded by an idea validation call and a technical validation call. Innovation workshops offer many advantages for your product development such as visual design and brainstorming, legal validation, technical support from our partners, and more.

Workshop Mini including:

  • Basic technology training
  • Product visualization
  • Timeline & engineering plan

Length: One day


Innovation Workshop including:

  • Full day technical workshop
  • Extended ideation session
  • Trip to Stockholm archipelago
  • Detailed product visualization
  • IP investigation
  • Partner dinner
  • Timeline & engineering plan

Length: Four days


Examples of available products and starter kits:

  • Demo Tube
  • SunCool Glass Tube, Vacuum pump, SunCool Collector
  • SaltX Energy Storage Demo Unit, modules, training
  • ColdStore Module
  • SaltX Nano Coated Salts

Starter kits & Services

To help your project fly we offer innovation workshops, engineering services, and sell starter kits and testing modules. Talented engineers at SaltX Labs are ready to investigate your idea and develop the most efficient and cost effective solutions. We have exceptional experience with reactor or heat exchanger technical designs, salt matrix development for specific purposes, new nano-coated salt development, and more.

Join an Innovation workshop to kick-off your partnership process and build new products powered by SaltX. Alternatively, buy a SaltX Demo Tube to test the heating and cooling power delivered by SaltX nano-coated salts.


Market applications

Buy Demo Tube

SaltX Labs Partners

A number of high ranked companies have joined us to co-develop projects and ideas
that will transition their organizations and the world into the circular future.