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We believe that imagination and entrepreneurship are two of the most important elements in innovation. We are therefore proud to offer you services from some of the most talented and dedicated professionals in the industry.

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Carl-Johan Linér
+46 (0)8-794 03 70
Founder & Head of Innovation
Göran Bolin
+46 (0)709 461 445
Head of Growth & Marketing
Eric Jacobson
Project Manager - SaltX Labs
Liudas Mikal
Head of HR
Jessica Petrini
VP Business Development
Christofer Rhén
Harald Bauer
Head of Sales
Simon Ahlin
VP China
Yaou Wu
Sales Manager
Lars Norrman
Head Of Technology
Corey Blackman (Ph.D. Candidate)
Senior Research Engineer
Dmitri Glebov (Ph.D.)
Project Manager
Jenny Blomqvist
Head Of Technology Integration
Ingemar Hallin
Project Manager
Lars Croon
Workshop Engineer
Hermes Ramirez
Head of Accounting
Helena Haglund
Head of Matrix Development
Nadia Amirpour
Workshop Engineer
Björn Lindquister
Test Engineer
Hanan Hadodo
Head of Project Management
Magnus Ekblad
Technical Sales
Pankaj Gujarathi
Product Engineer
Michele Pressiani
Product Manager
Milad Ghasemi